Giving Appropriate Credit

Giving appropriate credit to a track released under Creative Commons attribution license is really simple!

The first thing to write in your vid description is the song’s title.
Then you have to write the author (linking his profile) and the source where you found the track (a website for example).

In the end, you write the licence chosen by the artist. You have to link the info page connected to this specific Creative Commons Licence.

So, a good example of credit for a gosoundtrack song is:

Title: Just Me and You
Author: Grimo
Source: (
Licence: CC By 4.0 (

Need a short credit? Just write “Music by”

Adriatic Sea // Nostalgic Strings
  1. Adriatic Sea // Nostalgic Strings
  2. Nord Dakota // Nostalgic Strings
  3. Nostalgia // Nostalgic Strings
  4. Spring Is Coming // Nostalgic Strings
  5. Mi Corazòn Es Tuyo // Saludos Desde La Habana
  6. Fiesta Grande // Saludos Desde La Habana
  7. Que Bonita // Saludos Desde La Habana
  8. Fidel // Saludos Desde La Habana
  9. New In town // Toasting Tobacco
  10. Fat White Animal // Toasting Tobacco
  11. The Show // Toasting Tobacco
  12. Another Drink // Toasting Tobacco